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Shop for Sterling Silver Frames

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 6:45:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

Are you planning to buy a silver picture frame? If yes then you are on the right place where I will offer you a guideline to assist you in shopping for the best silver picture frame. There are several factors that you should consider while you are deciding the picture frame that you are going to buy. Some of the important factors that you should put into consideration include;

The cost of the silver picture frame

Sterling Silver Frame

The cost of the silver picture frame that you are going to buy should be within your budget. Do not go for a very expensive silver picture frame that you might not afford comfortably. But as you consider the cost do not allow the cost to influence you to select a poor quality silver picture frame.


It is important to consider the durability of the frame so as to ensure you get the value of the money you invest in buying it.  You can check the testimonials of the past customers and select the brand that has more positive feedback.

Frame style

Silver picture frames are made in different styles to meet the different needs of various customers. The different styles include elegant, casual and professional. Choose the silver frame that has styles that you feel is the best for you.  


You need to consider the size of your photo when you are deciding on the frame to buy. Choose a frame that your photo will fit well. If you want a piece of art work then you should consider a custom made frame. Depending on your budget you can buy a custom frame and be assembled according to the design and size that you desire.

There are many companies that offer silver picture frames in the market. Some of the companies offer silver picture frames that are not genuine with an intention of just making money. You should be very keen as you analyze the company that you are going to deal with. Enquire from your friends who have bought silver picture frames to have adequate information that will assist in making the correct choice.

At the sterling silver frame we offer the best silver picture frames that are made in California by the 925.  When you are in need of an engraved silver picture frame do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to shop in wholesale terms contact we and we will offer you the best offers.

Posted By Sean Star

Buy Wholesale Sterling Picture Frames

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 7:05:01 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sterling picture frames has gained customer loyalty due to its high quality and good reputation. When you are in need of a bulk of sterling picture frames you should buy them in wholesale so as to enjoy the benefits offered to the wholesale customers. There are many companies that offer silver picture frames in wholesale terms hence you should compare and evaluate those different companies and select the best among them.

Sterling Picture Frame

 If you are in a store buying sterling picture frames in whole sale you will have an advantage of saving your money and have the goods delivered to you on time. There are several benefits that occur with buying sterling picture frames in wholesale .Some of the benefits includes reduced prices due to the discount offered to you. You also get an advantage of having the goods delivered to you at the appropriate time. As a frequent wholesale buyer you are offered credit facility where you pay according to the arrangements that you make with the sterling silver picture company.

As you buy in bulk you should make evaluations between the prices and the quality of the products. This will enable you to select a manufacturer who is offering the best rates, on time delivery and the best quality. You should also seek for a manufacture who is offering shopping online so as to make the shopping more convenient to you.

Sterling Silver Picture Frame Company gives you the advantage of choosing from variety sterling silver picture frame when you are buying in wholesale. They also offer you good rates of any other service or product that is used with the sterling silver picture frame such as mirrors. You have the privilege of selecting design of the picture frames that most of the customers are interested in and the company makes those frames according to your order.

As a wholesale customer of the Sterling picture frames your complaint is always put into consideration. We also offer you an opportunity to suggest the changes that you feel will make our service delivery more effective. If you are interested in being a whole customer of our products do not hesitate to contact us and discuss it with you.  You do not have to visit us in our offices to enquire about the wholesale terms, you only need to register on the wholesale enquiry form on our website and get all the necessary information.

Posted By Sean Star

USA made silver frames by The 925 Inc

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 1:33:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Have you been searching for quality silver picture frames? If yes then you are on the right place where you will get information to guide you in choosing the best silver picture frames. There are various companies that offer manufacture silver picture frames in US but some of them offer low quality sliver frames. You should gather adequate information on the frames produced by different companies so as to get the best one in the market. 

USA silver frame has been regarded as a high quality frame by the past customers who have used it. Most of the customers has rated is a quality frame that is presentable, durable and has a pocket friendly price. At sterling silver frame we deal with genuine silver frames that are made in USA by the 925 Inc. The 925 Inc designs and manufacture a variety of sterling picture frames and also custom-designed silver artwork.

 Sterling Silver Frame

USA made silver frames by 925 is designed in different shapes so as to meet the desire of different clients. When you are buying USA silver frame by 925 you have the privilege of choosing a frame that has features that you are interested in. Some of the types of the frames that are made by 925 Inc include small beaded border sterling frame, plain heart frame, and elegant frame among many others.

USA made silver picture frame by 925 Inc are also designed and categorized to fit the photos taken in specific functions for example there is a wedding frame which a heart shape representing love. Another reason as to why you should buy the USA made frames by the 925 Inc is because the frames size ranges from the standard portrait size to pocket size. This makes you to have a choice of the shape of the frame that your photo will fit in it. These frames can also be converted to mirrors due to their shinny nature.

The USA made silver frames by 925 Inc is developed with a tarnish resistance technology that is electro-plated. The tarnish resistance last for many years and is being warranted by the 925 Inc companies. It makes your frame to last for long without rusting or changing its original color.

At sterling silver frame we deal with the USA made silver frames by the 925 Inc hence you can contact us at any time when you are need of those frames.  We offer warranty for the products that we deal with to ensure our customers have confidence in us.

Posted By Sean Star

Silver Picture frames 10x7

Saturday, November 22, 2014 3:33:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Do you have a 10x7 picture that you are planning to have framed? If yes, then why not have it framed with the silver picture frames 10x7 from sterling silver frames? These types of frames are standalone types that are made of silver. The value of a picture is the memory attached to it, but you can now preserve that memory with a silver frame and help to not only increase the value of the picture, but also make it more lasting and captivating to the eye.

Silver Picture Frames 10x7

It is a fact that there are several frames in the market, why should you consider the sterling silver frames as the number one option when framing your picture?

Well, the sterling silver frames available from The 925 Inc are made by professionals that have an established career in the field. The artisans who make these frames are generation three artisans from Ukraine but now based on the US. Moreover, the frames are entirely made in the US hence the high quality and value required is met with exceptional professionalism.

Secondly, these sterling silver frames are well within the affordable price bracket. How much would you wish to spend for a high quality and professionally designed fine sterling silver frame? You will be amazed to find out that at Sterling Silver Frames, Inc, they have sterling silver picture frames that are well within your budget range. All you need to do is contact them.

In addition to the in stock frames, the company does offer custom made frames. What type of sterling silver picture frames would you prefer to have? This can be in terms of shape, size, and the details. Whichever you prefer, you can contact the company and you will have your preferred frame made just for you.

Silver picture frames are an easy to maintain type of frames. All that they require for maintenance is periodic dusting and wiping with the primary form of dirt being simple duct especially for the case of hung or specially kept pictures. For pictures that exchange hands or are held more often, the form of dirt common is oil and grease. Given the material used to make the frame is silver, it is easy to clear with a simple detergent unlike the popular wooden frames that are not easy to crease for grease or oil dirt.

So, what are you waiting for, contact the company today and get more details at Sterling Silver Frames, Inc.

Posted By Sean Star

Sterling Silver Frames Made Out with Real Fine Silver

Saturday, November 22, 2014 4:44:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Are you seeking to acquire some real fine silver frames? Is yes, then you will agree that the primary challenge is to ascertain the quality of the silver. With the need to make an easy and profitable kill, some unscrupulous designers might opt to made frames branded silver frames while the materials used in not real fine silver and sale them at the price of fine silver. If as a customer you buy them, then you end up being cheated. You will agree that the best thing is to ensure that you are buying real fine silver frames, right?

For the case of other valuable metals, the basic procedure to ensure quality is get a professional who examines the material to establish its authenticity, but is it necessary to undergo such when buying fine silver? It might be useful, but is surely isn’t necessary. There are several other options that you can use to establish the authenticity of the sterling silver frame without incurring considerably high costs, and here, we will provide them to you.

Real Fine Silver Frames

The examining process involves scrutiny of the company’s website for some vital tell tell signs on the quality of the frames they are selling.

The thing to look for is the professionalism and the experience of the company’s artisans and how they source their products. This will be more relevant if the company makes the frames and not sourcing the finished products. The sign that the frames are of real fine silver is if the artisans have several years in the industry and they have a silver artisan history.

Secondly, look for the customer feedback. First, does the company website have a page for customer feedback? If yes, then you are a step closer to concluding that the quality is authentic. But because feedback can be screened or custom made, you can go a step further and get the contacts of the feedback-provider and contact them personally. This will be easy if the company has a social media page.

Third, you need to determine if the company products are insured. An insurance cover is an indication of the authentic quality and guarantee on the quality of the product. If they say it is real fine silver and it turns out otherwise, then you can sure them and get a refund or pay on damages as the court may rule. With an insurance cover, you are sure the company has her money on their word hence true.

Posted By Sean Star

Custom Silver Frames Made in USA

Saturday, November 22, 2014 5:11:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you are looking to buy some custom silver frames made in USA, then you are in the right place. Silver frame is one of the ways to make a picture really valuable and durable. They say the value of a picture is the memory it hold, and with a silver frame custom made in the US, you are sure to make the memory stand the test of time and become more visible. At, you will find quite a selection of sterling silver frames that vary in shape, in size, in design, and in details.

If there is not one that seems to quite fit your preferences then you don’t have to worry, the company does custom made frames. All you need is to get in touch and provide your details and the next thing you know, your specific silver frame is ready.

The one thing that makes these silver frames from Sterling Silver Frames, Inc stand out is the fact that they are made by sterling silver experts. The artisans who will make your special ordered frame are pros in the industry with many years of expertise. With established reputation, you are sure that your order is in professional hands and you can rest easy.

Customer Sivler Frames

The common norm has been that, products made in the US are expensive. This is based on the thinking that, to manufacturer in the US is expensive. While this might be true, it doesn’t necessarily hold in silver frames. You will be amazed on the pricing of these silver frames from Sterling Silver Frames, Inc. The pricing is done as part of customer care therefore, it is sure to accommodate every average budget.

How many custom made silver frames can the company handle and within how long? Well, there are several factors to consider for example, the size of the frame, the designs and other details to be included in a single frame. these will determine on the time and because the number of artisans in specific, then the total time required will vary per order. Nevertheless, the best way to determine this is by contacting the company for getting specific quotation for your specific order. The only thing that is static is the first come first served mode of operation therefore, the sooner you contact the company, the sooner you have your custom made silver frame ready.

In addition, the company does provide special edition silver frames. For example, if you want a frame that presents a specific theme, then you can look at the special editions collection.

Posted By Sean Star

Personalized sterling silver picture frames

Saturday, November 22, 2014 5:18:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Have you been looking to get a personalized sterling silver picture frame but it has been challenging? If yes, then you need to try out Sterling Silver Frames, Inc. This is a sterling silver company with artisans who are professionals in the field. The company is owned and run by a third generation silversmith with over 35 years in the field. The company does operate in sterling silver frames and other silver products among them souvenirs. To get complete list of the products available, you can access the company’s products catalogue as well as the special editions page.

Personalized Sterling Silver Picture Frames

However, that is not all the company can do as it does provide custom made silver picture frames. If you are seeking to have a specific picture frame, then you can by placing an order with the details. The types of frames available from the company vary in terms of shape, size, and the details included. If you need a personalized sterling silver picture frame, then you need to contact the company, place your order and get a specific quotation.

Contrary to the common norm that products made in the US are expensive, the frames from Sterling Silver Frames, Inc are affordable and within the budgetary averages of almost every buyer. The minor differences that apply are in terms of the specifications especially in personalized sterling silver picture frames. These differences are with respect to the details required and the size of the frame.

How will I be sure that my personalized order will be meet exactly to my specifications? First, the silversmiths responsible for your work are an experienced artisan with established reputation. As a result, the expert is at par with the various designs and details and all that is required is to ensure that they have your preferences right. This is done through one on one conversation where you both get to agree on a given design and details. Moreover, with the reputation of the company, you don’t have to worry of not having low quality or otherwise than fine silver product.

In addition, the company is insured. This serves to cover any mishaps as well as an undesirable eventuality. If it happens that the products does not fit your specification, you have the option of not paying for it and being refunded any prepayments you had made. However, you don’t have to worry as for the 35 years that the company has been in operation, there has never been a case of any personalized sterling silver picture frame returned or declined due to deviation or unmeet specifications.

Posted By Sean Star

Look for Frames Made Out of Real Silver

Saturday, January 7, 2017 10:09:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Picture frames can serve a number of great purposes. They make fantastic gifts to present to people for a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, birthday or another event. They are also great to use right in your home as a way to display pictures that are special to you in many different places. While there are certainly plenty of different frames that you can choose from today made from all kinds of materials, in different colors and with different designs, there is nothing quite like the beauty of a silver frame. If you want a frame like this, you want to take the time to look for frames made out of real silver like those we offer at Sterling Silver Frame.


Don’t be Fooled by Others


You can find picture frames in just about any department store, big box retail store, gift shop, or one of many other locations, but you do want to be careful about the frames you select to buy. While many may look like frames made from silver, they may just be made from basic metal or are silver-plated. You want to make sure that you check over the packaging of the frame carefully so you can see if it indicates what material has gone into the construction of the frame. If there is no clear indication, then the frame is not going to be made of real silver.



Go with the Genuine Article


If you want to make sure that you get a nice frame, then you are going to want to get frames made out of real silver like what we offer at Sterling Silver Frame. All of our frames are made from real silver and created by the master craftsmen at 925 Inc., a company that has been in the silver business for generations. Each frame sold is from an original design of the company and will provide you with the top quality frame that you seek. We can even take care of custom orders so you can have a truly unique item for your home.


See the Quality for Yourself


When you are in the market for picture frames made out of real silver, make sure you take the time to see the frames we have for sale on our website at We have many different frames for sale of varying sizes and designs so that you can select just the one you want to use as a gift or for that special picture of yours right in your home.

Posted By Sean Star

Keep Your Personal Pictures in Silver Frames

Saturday, January 14, 2017 10:40:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

We all have very special moments in our lives that we want to be able to capture and cherish. Whether it is the birth of a child, a wedding, a college graduation or a family reunion, the pictures that get taken during these times can provide you with precious moments that you can always look back on and enjoy. When you have special pictures like these, you want to make sure that you place the photos somewhere where you and others can see them and enjoy them. To do this, you are going to need to have a nice picture frame to display the items. You can keep your personal pictures in a beautiful keepsake when you buy some of the silver frames we have available at Sterling Silver Frame.


An Elegant and Classy Look


When you choose one of our frames made of real silver, you will get a frame that has just the elegant touch and looks you want most. Silver is known all over the world as an elegant-looking and classy precious metal and having picture frames that grace your walls, your desk, your end tables or anywhere in your home or office adds that special touch of class and refinement. The frames add very tasteful decoration to any room they are in and immediately draw the attention of the eye to them, giving you a chance to show off the beautiful frame and the picture within it.


Frames with Exquisite Design Work



The silver frames that we offer here at Sterling Silver Frame get made of real silver and are handcrafted by expert craftsmen that have been working as silversmiths for many years. A great deal of care, attention and detail go into each piece, and you can see the exquisite design work on any of the pieces found on our website today. You can choose from a wide variety of different styles and sizes of frames so you can get the ideal frame for that special picture you own.


Choose from Our Selection


To see the beautiful silver frames we currently have available, please take the time to visit our website at We offer many classic and unique frames, mirrors, goblets, silver bowls, letter openers and much more for sale and are happy to custom-create items for you so you can have that special picture of yours in a frame that is just for you, providing you with a lasting piece to envelop your memories.

Posted By Sean Star

The Beauty of Our Silver Frames from California

Saturday, January 21, 2017 11:04:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Take a quick look around your home at some of the wall hangings and accessories that you have in places like your bedroom, living room, den, hallways or office. Do your eyes stop on any one item to take a good look at it? You most likely have pictures hanging in all of these places or have frames placed on tables and shelves, but none of them seem to catch your enough so that you notice them. If you are having a hard time noticing them, then other people in your home are as well, and none of your special pictures are ever going to get the notice they truly deserve. When you switch your pictures to some of our silver frames from California, your pictures get housed in beautiful frames that get the proper attention.


Why Silver Makes a Difference


There are all kinds of picture frames you can choose from today, so why should you choose one ours from Sterling Silver Frame? Frames that made from real silver can make a significant difference in the look of the pictures in the frame. Real silver has certain flair to it that people immediately associate with class and elegance. Eyes naturally turn towards silver, whether it is a small frame sitting on your desk, a beautiful 8 x 10 frame on the shelf or a larger collage frame hanging on the wall with pictures of your children and grandchildren. Our frames help your pictures to stand out the way that they should so everyone can appreciate them more.


Made in America Frames



What helps our frames and other silver items stand out from the competition is that all of our silver frames from California are made in the United States. We distribute frames from 925 Inc., a manufacturer of fine silver items based right in California. They do all of their manufacturing on-site and use expert workers that have many years of experience in the silver trade. 925 Inc. makes use of traditional manufacturing methods, combined with the latest technological advances, to help them create items of the highest quality.


Shop with Us


If you would like to take a look at the silver frames from California that we have to offer and the many other silver items we have for sale today, please take the time to visit our website at You can see the hundreds of items we have available and choose the frames that suit your style the best, so you havebeautiful pictures to display anywhere in your home.

Posted By Sean Star

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